FIT’s flexible workflow engine


FIT’s flexible workflow engine is game-changing, delivering critical efficiencies beyond the industry’s legacy off-the-shelf 9-1-1 dispatch systems.


An effective emergency triage system depends upon being able to capture caller information quickly and methodically, so that the most appropriate resource can be dispatched with absolute accuracy in the shortest possible time. The FIT Platform – proven in demanding and complex environments – dramatically enhances this ability.

The FIT Platform workflow engine captures the detail of every call, so that managers and specialists within emergency triage environments can analyze performance and adjust workflows over time to achieve continuous improvement — delivering ongoing and measurable gains in dispatch times, resource accuracy, caller experience and operational efficiency.

The market response to FIT’s highly flexible workflow has been incredible — FIT lets EMS teams and physicians ‘own’ the responsibility for how they process and set priorities for all medical emergency calls.

Geoff Land, Managing Director

dynamic workflows

Dynamic Workflows

FIT Platform’s dynamic workflows guide call handlers through calls quickly to achieve consistent dispatch accuracy. It allows them to engage with callers intuitively, providing responses that are consistent and compliant.

Workflow Designer

The FIT Platform workflow designer allows a client’s non-technical staff to quickly and easily build or amend branching workflows without writing a single line of code. That means qualified, authorized staff can make necessary changes to improve efficiency and performance.

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