Does your solution improve overall contact center operations?

  • Integration with existing environment allows agents to do more with the technology
  • One system that can be scaled across multiple sites to consolidate operations
  • Automation of processes reduces waste and lowers costs
  • Training times and costs decreased as agents only use the one system

Can you enhance agent satisfaction and efficiency?

  • Streamlines processes, allowing agents to answer queries, access insurance information, schedule appointments etc
  • All information that agents need is at their fingertips, so no time is wasted juggling multiple applications and processes
  • Leads agents through calls by simple question / answer / information prompts, resulting in positive agent experience and faster, more accurate interactions.

Can business intelligence maintain/improve market position?

  • Use insights to improve services, processes and patient journeys, with a view to increasing revenues and profits whilst reducing cost
  • All call data is captured and stored for reporting purposes
  • Customizable, visual formats makes it easy to spot trends and problems
  • Improves 3 main areas:
    1. Resources: optimized to ensure you meet cost to serve targets
    2. Performance: improved to ensure you meet quality of service targets
    3. Patient experience: enriched to ensure you meet satisfaction and loyalty targets

How do you support patient acquisition and retention?

  • Agents have access to information needed to service patients effectively
  • Have visibility of personal and historic data, so are empowered to deliver personalized experiences
  • Eliminate long wait times and multiple transfers

Healthcare organizations are under extreme pressure to lower costs while improving quality. Eliminating wasteful processes is essential, as operating margins are slim and the ability to raise prices is limited. At the same time, trying to on-board new patients and retain existing ones can prove a drain on resources without the right systems and processes in place.

Our mission is to empower healthcare organizations to improve their quality of care via telephone and other channels by providing workflow and scripting software that the client can completely customize, without recourse to IT, and use to promote agent consistency, capture data and analyse it for continuous improvement, and reduce costs by eliminating wasteful processes.



Makes your systems and agents as efficient and effective as possible. Agents are guided through patient calls by single question/answer/information prompts. This simplicity results in positive user experience, faster, more accurate patient interactions and less hold-time. Authorized staff can amend workflows to improve efficiency and performance. Workflows can be pre-populated, which saves time and reduces manual workload.
Unified Agent Desktop

Unified agent desktop

Many healthcare contact centers use multiple, complicated systems which agents struggle to navigate. This leads to low patient satisfaction, unnecessary costs and decreased profits. A single, user-friendly interface enables agents to access the information they need, when needed during calls. Agents focus on delivering personalized patient experiences, not navigating disparate systems on a cluttered desktop.


Get instant access to call data and turn it into valuable information. Data can be presented in graphical interfaces, making it easy to spot trends and problems. Creating and sharing reports internally and externally is quick and easy, with full customization to use corporate logos, fonts and color schemes.
Seamless integration with existing systems

Seamless integration with existing systems

We complement and add functionality to your existing infrastructure, focusing on enhancing efficiency, reporting, training, accuracy and experience.
Professional services

Professional services

Our experienced team works with you from building the business case, to go-live and beyond, to ensure the platform meets your needs. We’ll help you integrate the platform into your technology environment, build processes and workflows, and maximize performance through training.
Consolidate contact centres

Consolidating multiple contact centers

Uniting your contact center operations ensures that every patient receives the same experience. Delivers agent consistency and accuracy across sites and consolidates reporting. As you are only using one platform, training time, operating expenses and call processing times are reduced.

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