Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)


CAD is a method of dispatching taxicabs, field service technicians, and even for the management of critical emergency services like 9-1-1 calls.


The central idea is that individuals in a dispatch center can easily view and understand the status of all units being dispatched. CAD provides displays and tools so that the dispatcher has an opportunity to handle calls-for-service as efficiently as possible.

The FIT Platform seamlessly integrates into existing 9-1-1 telephony and CAD systems, helping to improve call response times and get the right type of emergency resource on the road as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

CAD integration enables call handlers and dispatchers to send supplementary information to emergency vehicle staff as they are on route to the scene. This can be general information such as telling staff to enter via the back gate, or critical information, for example, informing them that the neighbour has a gun.

We partner with globally-renowned system integrators such as Northrop Grumman, a market leader with a distinguished pedigree in the critical dispatch sector.

computer aided dispatch

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