Search powered business analytics


Modern businesses today face the challenge of interpreting vast amounts of data contained in multiple — and often unconnected — data stores and systems. FIT Analytics solves this problem. Utilising the raw power of search technology, users can retrieve and configure data for querying and reporting purposes quickly and easily.

FIT gives teams access to their data, enabling powerful data insights to improve efficiencies across question guidance, call performance and time-to-dispatch.

Geoff Land, Managing Director

FIT 3 core principles


Most people are familiar with search engines like Google and use them to explore the vast amounts of information available on the internet. FIT Analytics allows you to apply the same ‘natural language’ to your queries, returning results with the impressive speed and simplicity of search engine technology.


FIT Analytics allows everybody to engage with business analytics, not just analysts. Reporting, ad-hoc analysis and the creation of dashboards is simple and straightforward, allowing people to make the right decisions at the right time.


Whether you have implemented a data warehouse or you are trying to join up the data manually, FIT Analytics provides an extremely simple and user-friendly method of bringing data together into a single, coherent search engine that can then be used to provide consolidated reporting and analysis, all from a single point of access.

Reporting and Analytics


FIT Analytics has extensive report creation and presentation tools, including comprehensive mathematical and statistical functions. With more than 100 chart types, users are able to create highly visual infographic style reports using a simple drag-and-drop interface.
Reports can be published and made available to individuals or groups of users and can also be saved in users private reporting area.
simple querying icon

Simple Querying

Filter results and search for values using natural language or selecting values on the screen in real time.
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Drill Down into Detail

Drill across interactive reports to build storyboards of information. Drill all the way through to transactional level data and everything in between.
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Cross Tabs

Multi-dimensional crosstabs are configurable on-demand, with conditional formatting, alerting and advanced calculation functions.
Secure information access

Secure Information Access

Industry-grade security controls including single sign-on, realm-based security and Windows Active Directory support.
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Venn Diagrams

Use interactive Venn diagrams to build complex segments of information through an easy-to-understand visual interface.
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Data Collection

Built-in data entry capabilities through an enterprise-grade form builder. Embed forms into reports to log outcomes and streamline processes.

Interactive Infographic Reporting


Every business analytics tool has dashboards, but few provide capabilities as flexible, simple and comprehensive as FIT Analytics. With the ability to position the reporting data anywhere on-screen in a variety of formats, users can structure and group related data together to incorporate logos, pictures, images and text as if typing data into a publishing package.
The User Interface (UI) has been designed to make the process of creating and saving new dashboards as quick and as easy as possible, with full customization to use corporate logos, fonts and color schemes.
FIT call history summary screen
FIT call type screen

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