During 2016, one of the largest 9-1-1 command centres in the US came to Infinity CCS in need of a contact centre solution to help enhance and optimize response time for its incoming emergency calls.


The challenges

The team realized that growing call demand required improvements to their processes.


The solution

Infinity CCS designed and built the bespoke FIT (Flexible Intelligence Triage) platform. Geoff Land, Managing Director, tailored Infinity CCS’ existing technology to meet the demands of the Emergency Service provider such as ability for their command centre to implement ‘Pandemic’ emergency triage flows and interpret complex workflows when taking 9-1-1 calls.

“This agency is situated in one of the US’s major cities; it is already gathering end to end data on all calls and confidently expects to see faster response times, improved despatch accuracy and significant operational efficiency gains using FIT Platform in the chain of events. Most importantly, it believes it will be empowered to provide a better, faster and more responsive service to citizens in need of medical help.”
Geoff Land, Managing Director, Infinity CCS

The solution was built around 3 key elements:

  • It required a system to allow it to alter flows
  • Needed flows to be changed by internal resources
  • Required flexibility to implement ‘Pandemic’ emergency triage flows
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Data Intelligence
  • Interpretation of complex workflows when taking a 911 call
  • Ability to make immediate intelligent decisions
  • Automated integration to CAD
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Triage Optimisation
  • Ability to use medical algorithms and electronically transpose them into FIT to provide consistent and accurate outcomes
  • Measurement to allow improvement
The FIT Platform has changed the ways things are done:

An effective emergency triage system depends upon being able to capture caller information quickly and methodically, so that the most appropriate resource can be dispatched with absolute accuracy in the shortest possible time. FIT’s new technology solution – proven in demanding and complex contact centre environments worldwide – dramatically enhances this ability.

The FIT workflow engine captures the detail of every call, so that managers and specialists within emergency triage environments can analyse performance and adjust workflows over time to achieve continuous improvement — delivering ongoing and measurable gains in dispatch times, resource accuracy, caller experience and operational efficiency.

  • Entirely configurable system
  • Reduced call processing times
  • Automated manual processes
  • Gathering end to end data on all calls
  • Faster response times
  • Improved despatch accuracy
  • Significant operational efficiency gains
  • Provides better, faster and more responsive service to people in need of medical help