Why did one of the world’s largest 9-1-1 command centers choose FIT?


In October 2016, the Infinity Workflow Engine — now called the FIT Platform — went live at one of America’s largest emergency response agencies. FIT is now being used to automate and accelerate EMS triage in the organization’s 9-1-1 command center, which responds to more than 1.4 million emergencies every year.
The agency selected FIT for the platform’s:
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  • They required a system to allow them to alter flows
  • Needed flows to be changed by internal resources
  • Required flexibility to implement ‘Pandemic’ emergency triage flows

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Data Intelligence

  • Interpretation of complex workflows when taking a 911 call
  • Ability to make immediate intelligent decisions
  • Automated integration to CAD

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Triage Optimization

  • Ability to use medical algorithms and electronically transpose them into FIT to provide consistent and accurate outcomes
  • Measurement to allow improvement

This agency is situated in one of the US’s major cities — they are already gathering end to end data on all of the calls and confidently expect to see faster response times, improved dispatch accuracy and significant operational efficiency gains using FIT Platform in the chain of events. Most importantly, it believes it will be empowered to provide a better, faster and more responsive service to citizens in need of medical help.


Geoff Land, Managing Director, Infinity

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