Raising the bar for field emergency triage

EMS field personnel need flexible, intelligent triage systems
that deliver powerful data insights.


One of the persistent pain points for medical triage centers is that they cannot write medical workflows or introduce changes to enhance and optimize response for incoming emergency calls. FIT is reinventing emergency triage by bringing the expertise of the world’s largest contact center outsourcers to EMS triage. Our flexible workflow engine is game changing, delivering critical efficiencies beyond the industry’s legacy off-the-shelf 9-1-1 triage systems.
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Adaptive Workflows

‘Drag and drop’

Agile algorithms can be changed quickly to give EMS teams ultimate flexibility to improve emergency response. Automated workflows give call handlers consistent, detailed guidance for every type of call.

Automated. Accurate. Agile.
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Data Insights

The power of data

Monitor the performance of every workflow. Triage data is collected, enabling real insights that increase response time, improve dispatch accuracy & enable significant operational efficiencies.

Informed. Intelligent. Insight.
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CAD Integrated

Seamless integration

FIT easily integrates to Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems, helping to improve call response times and get the right emergency resource on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Timely. Trusted. Triage.

The market response to FIT’s highly flexible workflow has been incredible — FIT lets EMS teams and physicians ‘own’ the responsibility for how they process and set priorities for all medical emergency calls. FIT also gives these teams access to their data, enabling powerful data insights to improve efficiencies across question guidance, call performance and time-to-dispatch.


Geoff Land, FIT Platform

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