Raising the bar for field emergency triage

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Computerized Algorithms

Fit Platform provides professional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with configured algorithms:

  • Responds appropriately and accurately to defined emergencies
  • Guidance and user training ensure a consistent approach
  • Algorithms can be changed quickly in response to medical changes giving the EMS team ultimate flexibility
Automated, Accurate, Agile.
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Data, Analysis, Insight

Fit Platform collects all triage data:

  • Data is collected and collated enabling reporting at all levels
  • Analysis of the data enables ongoing improvements, enhancing emergency response
  • Consistent application leads to new and real insights increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of EMS
Informed, Intelligent, Insight.
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CAD Integration

Fit Platform can be integrated to Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (CAD):

  • Many years of experience of working with large System Integrators and Software Companies ensuring seamless and timely integration
  • Partner with Northrup Grumman currently and will partner with any CAD provider of your choice
  • Professional and quality implementation assured
Timely, Trusted, Triage.

“We have been pleased with the way our product has delivered in the Triage market space. Our work flow engine has easily adapted to the demands of this sector. Our pedigree in the Contact Centre space over years gives us tremendous credentials in this space which is essentially a Contact Centre with a twist.”


Geoff Land, Fit Platform







Flexible Intelligent Triage in action

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Flexible Algorithms
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